Our Policies



1. A commitment to national biosecurity legislation and regulations which require that any decisions on biosecurity issues are based solely on science and that the decision making process is a fair and transparent one with adequate notice for stakeholders to respond.

2. Adequate resourcing of biosecurity agencies so that those agencies can meet their obligations on endemic, prescribed and exotic pests and diseases issues.

3. Continued support of banana levy R & D funds – for biosecurity.

4. Continued support for extension activities which assist growers with their own on- farm biosecurity.



1. A commitment in the short term to matched funding for HAL and a commitment by 2015 for $1.25 for every one levy dollar.

2. A renewed commitment to the HAL ‘model’.



That ABGC policy supports research into genetic modification of bananas but not commercialisation at this time.



The Australian Banana Growers’ Council (ABGC) is concerned by the activity occurring in Coal Seam Gas (CSG) exploration and production.

We believe this increased activity could have the potential to cause lasting negative impacts, both directly and indirectly, on horticultural land, water resources and rural communities. The long-term protection of these is paramount to any short-term economic benefits that could be gained from the expansion of CSG operations.

Because of this potential for lasting and irreversible harm, we believe careful consideration would need to be given to the impact of any CSG activities proposed for land in banana growing regions.

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