What We Do

The ABGC acts in the interests of Australian banana growers on issues including: representations to policy and decision makers; representations to horticulture’s Research and Development Corporation, Horticulture Innovation Australia; biosecurity; pest and disease management; research and development; supply-chain issues and banana marketing.

We have represented banana growers for more than 50 years. ABGC was formed in 1961. In 1992 a full-time National Secretariat was created and based in Brisbane. ABGC now has offices and staff in Brisbane and field staff in North Queensland.

Banana industry levy

A national levy system was introduced for the banana industry in 2008. Horticulture Innovation Australia Ltd (formerly Horticulture Australia Ltd) manages the national banana research and development (R&D) and marketing levies collected under this levy system. The ABGC makes representations to HIA on industry issues relating to the funding of R&D projects and banana marketing.

Industry Planning

The latest Banana Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) was developed in 2014 to guide the R&D and marketing levy expenditure managed by the then HAL (now HIA).  The SIP reflects the banana industry’s objectives, strategies and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Our role

  • Advancing the interests of Australian banana growers through effective leadership and representation to ensure a strong industry future
  • Assisting with the implementation of the Banana Industry Strategic Plan 2014-15 to 2018-19
  • Making recommendations to Horticulture Innovation Australia Ltd (HIA)
  • Formulating and advocating industry policy
  • Communicating information to our members and stakeholders.

Our goals

  • Maintain and encourage grower membership of the ABGC
  • Ensure good industry outcomes for marketing and R&D initiatives
  • Build and maintain effective relationships with all stakeholders to ensure the integrity of the Australian Banana Industry
  • Maintain an effective and professional organisation.

Key issues

  • No banana imports – we are protecting Australia’s banana industry from pests and diseases
  • Effective communications with key stakeholders including policy makers and key-decision makers
  • Effective biosecurity measures and pest & disease management
  • Research, development and extension
  • Banana marketing – achieving a strong market for Australian bananas and recognition of their value as a healthy, nutritious food
  • Supply-chain issues – working with our industry partners
  • A fair and sustainable market for banana growers’ produce and a future for our industry.
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