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Annual report

For the latest information on the Australian banana industry, please see the Industry Advisory Committee (IAC) annual report:


In the financial year 2013-14, the banana industry had an estimated farm gate value of AU$600 million. Key information from the annual report includes:

  • annual production of 372,251 tonnes (or 28.6 million 13kg-cartons)
  • an increase in annual production of eight per cent from the previous year’s 341,900 tonnes (26.3 million 13kg-cartons).


Industry research

Australia’s banana industry makes a $1.1b annual economic contribution and generates 10,000 full-time equivalent jobs.

Industry research released in January 2014 is based on 2010/11 data reviewed in 2013. It found the Australian banana industry:

  • produced 341,000 tonnes of bananas annually with a farm gate value of $480 million (2012-13)
  • has 584 growers nationally – about half  in the main banana growing region of far north Queensland
  • makes a $1.1 billion annual contribution in direct and indirect farm expenditure to the three main banana growing regions of far north Queensland, northern New South Wales and Carnarvon in Western Australia
  • has direct farm expenditure into  local economies estimated at $573 million annually
  • provides 9,598 full-time equivalent jobs, directly and indirectly. Included are 3,826 full-time equivalent jobs within the banana industry of which 2,250 are jobs filled by backpackers who are estimated to spend $30 million annually in the local areas where they are employed
  • represents 9.5 per cent of total private business turnover and 8.24 per cent of full-time-equivalent jobs across the three main banana growing regions
  • generates 33 per cent of the total fruit production in Queensland, Australia’s main banana growing region.


The research was funded by Horticulture Australia Limited (HAL) using levies from banana growers. It was prepared by Howard Hall of CDI Pinnacle Management Pty Ltd and Joan Gleeson of Street Ryan and Associates Pty Ltd.

To see more information on the report, please click this link



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