How to Join

Becoming a Member

The ABGC has two membership categories:

  • Grower members
  • Affiliate members.

Grower members

Growers wanting to become members must complete and submit a Grower Membership Application Form.

Please note, paying the Member Fee does not automatically qualify you for ABGC membership. The application will be considered at the next quarterly Board Meeting.

New Members will receive a Membership Kit containing the Rules of Incorporation, member contacts and other information, including the forms for paying the Voluntary Fees.

Affiliate members

A new class of membership has been developed so that our industry partners can actively show their support for, and involvement with, the ABGC.

From December 2012, our supporters have been able to take up an affiliate membership.

To apply, complete and submit a Affiliate Membership Application.

To see a list of our affiliate members, go to our Industry Partners page.

Why Join?

The ABGC is the only horticulture group exclusively representing the interests of Australian banana growers.

Reasons to join us are:

  • Access to exclusive industry information. We collate and supply banana transport figures on a weekly basis to ABGC members only. Non-member growers are not supplied with this information
  • We convene key industry events of interest to banana growers and provide discounts where possible. For eg. ABGC members receive discounts on their registration fees for the industry’s Banana Industry Congress
  • We exclusively represent the interest of banana growers and are your voice on industry issues, including the investment of industry levy funds on research and development and marketing projects
  • As a member of Horticulture Australia Ltd (HAL), the ABGC holds key roles in working with the banana Industry Advisory Committee (IAC) which makes recommendations to HAL on the investment of industry levy funding.

We work on issues of crucial importance to the survival and growth of the Australian banana industry including:

  • No banana imports – protecting Australia’s banana industry
  • Effective biosecurity measures and pest & disease management
  • Research and development projects
  • Banana marketing – achieving demand for Australian bananas and recognition of their value as a healthy, nutritious food
  • Supply-chain management issues
  • Effective communications with key stakeholders including policy makers and key-decision makers
  • A fair and sustainable market for banana growers’ produce and a future for our industry.
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