Our Members


Grower members

Our members are growers from banana-producing regions in Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Under ABGC’s Rules, the legal owner or owners of a banana plantation in Australia with at least half a hectare of bananas under production (Commercial Banana Plantation Owner) may apply to become a member of ABGC.


Affiliate members

We also have affiliate members – non-growers who have joined the ABGC as a way of showing their support for, and involvement with, the banana industry. To see a list of our affiliate members go to our industry partners page.

Our Membership and the Industry Levy

Our Member Fee for grower members  is separate to funds paid for the compulsory banana industry levy.

For an explanation of the compulsory industry levy, please see the banana industry levy page on this website.

Membership fee

ABGC is funded from a voluntary Member Fee for grower members  of a per-carton-sold contribution of 3 cents for each 13kg carton sold by growers.

Affiliate members pay a set annual fee.

Please see our How To Join page for details on grower and affiliate memberships and membership forms.


Paying fees


The grower Member Fee is payable monthly or quarterly  and can be collected through the wholesaler or paid directly to ABGC.

Forms for payment of membership fees appear below:


For details on affiliate membership and payment of the annual fee, please see the How To Join page.


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