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Banana industry structure

As of January 2014, the banana industry has a new structure for its Industry Advisory Committee (IAC). Click here for details on the new structure.

Banana industry research

Industry released in January 2014 has confirmed Australia’s banana industry has returned to pre-Cyclone Yasi levels of economic activity, making an annual economic contribution of about $1.1 billion and generating almost 10,000 full-time jobs.

To see the latest industry facts, please click on this link Banana Industry Facts

Banana Consumption figures

Click here for the latest consumption figures.


Panama Disease

Fact Sheet – Panama Disease


Subtropical Fact Sheets

Fact sheet 1 – Bunchy Top Virus

Fact sheet 2 – Banana Nutrition Part One

Fact sheet 3 – Panama Disease

Fact sheet 4 – Banana Nutrition Part Two

Fact sheet 6 – Climate Change

Fact sheet 7 – Irrigating Bananas

Fact sheet 8 – Banana Weevil Borer

Fact sheet 9 – Soldier fly

Fact sheet 11 – Nematodes


Please note: the following fact sheets are being updated – Fact sheet 5, on Flying Foxes; Fact sheet 10, on Banana Aphid.

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