Videos – Banana science

Panama TR4

Panama symptoms and information on protecting your farm. Produced by the banana industry’s National Banana Development and Extension Program. View the video here


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How to identify and report plants that may be infected with Panama TR4:

Managing footwear on banana farms:

Media Releases

Stewart Lindsay’s presentation about TR4 containment measures used on the world’s largest single banana farm in the Philippines:



Tony Pattison’s presentation on using ground covers to suppress Panama:


Panama Race 1

David Peasley and Mike Smith from the Banana Plant Protection Program talk about testing banana plants for resistance to Panama Race 1 on a subtropical trial block at Duranbah in northern New South Wales:


Juliane Henderson’s presentation on how diagnostic testing is helping to safeguard Australia’s banana industry:

Virus Screening

Dr Kathy Crew and Dr John Thomas talk about their work as part of the Banana Plant Protection Program to keep Australian bananas free from virus diseases:


National Banana Roadshow

To see video presentations from the National Banana Roadshow, July and August 2014, please go to the following page on this website: National Banana Development and Extension Program


Farm management videos

Below are our industry information videos. Just hit the play button in the centre of each image to play the video:


Soil Health

Banana Nutrient Management with Sellars Bananas:

Banana Soil Conservation with Darryl Evans:

Soil management at Gaia’s Banana Farm:


Industry Projects

National Bunchy Top Project:

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