National Banana Development and Extension Program

The Program ensures commercial banana growers are informed about banana industry research and how it improves farming practices. The Program, BA 13004,  is funded by Horticulture Innovation Australia Ltd using the banana industry levy and funds from the Australian Government.

National Banana Roadshow

The next roadshow is set for June and July 2016.

Roadshow events will be held in Tully, Innisfail, the Tablelands, Murwillumbah, Coffs Harbour and Carnarvon on the following dates:

– Thursday, June 9, Mareeba, Department of Natural Resources and Mines, John Charles room, 9am- 2:30pm.
– Friday, June 10, Innisfail Brother’s Leagues Club, 9am – 2:3opm.
– Thursday, June 16, Tully Senior Citizen’s Hall, 9am – 2:30pm.
– Thursday, June 23, Carnarvon Yacht Club, 9am – 1:30pm.
– Thursday, July 5, Coff’s Harbour Showgrounds, 9am – 2pm.
– Thursday, July 7, Murwillumbah Golf Club, 9am – 2pm.

National roadshows are planned to be held every two years.

The Program held its first roadshow series in July and August, 2014.

For the first time, the banana industry  assembled many of the leaders of major industry projects to visit with growers.

During a six-stop national roadshow of banana growing regions, they discussed the latest results from industry-funded banana research. Never before has the banana industry assembled so many project leaders for the one tour of our main growing regions.

Fact Sheets

The following are information sheets for growers on topical issues:

Previous Roadshow presentations

The 2014 roadshows featured live presentations from researchers as well as three videos especially produced for the program. Below are links to slides from the presentations and the three videos.

 Pre-produced videos

The following are links to videos produced for the roadshow series:

Developing a standard industry banana carton – Tristan Kitchener

International insights with banana Nuffield Scholar Paul Inderbitzin

Importing banana material and accessing new varieties – Sharon Hamill

 Presentation slides

The following are presentation slides from the roadshow sessions listed under the presenter’s names, in alphabetical order. Please click on the links to view the presentations:

Jay Anderson, R&D Manager, ABGC: To register or permit? That is the ‘chemical’ question

Robert Crossley, AgTrix: Why would I want to map my plantation?

Jeff Daniells, QDAFF: Banana varieties for market growth

Kathy Grice, QDAFF: Fungicide resistance: Top 5 ways to avoid

Howard, Hall, CDI Pinnacle: Benchmarking the banana industry – north Qld coast; Benchmarking the banana industry – Tablelands; Benchmarking the banana industry – NSW

Sharon Hamill, QDAFF: Accessing new banana varieties: why, how and who

Mark Hickey, NSW DPI: New banana officer for NSW

Naomi King, QDAFF: Top 3 questions about the Banana BMP answered

Stewart Lindsay, QDAFF: Preparing for Plan B: Agronomic assessments of TR4 varieties

Christina Mortimore, Qld Dept of Natural Resources & Mines: Nutrients and sediment: Do you know what’s happening in your banana paddock?

Tony Pattison, QDAFF: Panama management systems: pulling it all together

Tony Pattison, QDAFF: Banana soil health: overview, options and opinions

David Peasley, Manager, National Bunchy Top Project: 100 years and counting down – Bunchy Top

Suren Samuelian, QDAFF: Yellow Sigatoka management: Chlorothalonil vs oil-based programs

Rebecca Sapuppo, QDAFF: Risky business: threats; pathways and opportunitites

Valerie Shrubb, DAFWA:Growing subtropical bananas for quality and yield

Mike Smith, QDAFF: Resistant varieties and greater consumer choice – QLD; Resistant varieties and greater consumer choice – NSW

Joe Stacey, Joe’s Cartons: Packaging solutions for your supply chain needs




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