Strategic Plans

nana Industry Strategic Investment Plan

The 2014-2019 Strategic Plan

From July 2014, the banana industry has a new strategic plan.

To see a copy of the plan, please click on the following link  Banana Industry Strategic Investment Plan

To see a copy of the report on the development of the plan, please click on the following link Strategic Investment Plan – final report

Development of the plan

On June 19, 2014, the banana industry’s Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) was presented to the HAL Board.

The SIP covers the next five financial years, starting from July 2014, and had been developed over the previous 12 months prior to being presented to the Board. The plan was finalised by the Banana Industry Advisory Committee (IAC) in May 2014 and sets out the industry’s strategy and objectives for the investment of about $7 million annually in projects funded by grower levies and matched R&D funds.

Plan objectives

The three main objectives of the SIP are:

Objective 1
Maintain a consistent and quality supply of Australian bananas whilst achieving a 5% productivity gain by 2018/19 by:

  • Improving  production per unit of input; and/or
  • Reducing   production and supply costs per unit of marketed product

Objective 2
Increase demand for Australian bananas by:

  • Increasing the value of the banana category by $10.2m per annum
  • Maintaining bananas’ #1 fruit status

Objective 3
Improve industry capacity and R&D adoption; and demonstrate ROI of levy investments by:

  • Engaging >50% of production acreage in the technical update series
  • Increasing   participation in Banana BMP to >50% of production area and continuously increasing adoption of best management practice across the industry
  • Achieving   a ROI of banana industry R&D levy funds of 4.1:1 over the life of the plan.

Development of the plan

A draft of the Banana Industry Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) for  the financial years 2014-15 to 2018-19 was made available in December 2013 for comment. Feedback closed in February 2014.

The draft sets out plans for levy and matched-funding investments for the next five years. Growers and other banana industry stakeholders are asked to review the document and contact consultant Jenny Margetts with any comments.

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