Panama TR4

Simple steps to prepare your farm for Panama TR4

1. Exclude, exclude, exclude!

Limit vehicle and machinery movement into your banana paddocks

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2. Implement a system to manage footwear

Provide footwear to people coming onto your farm

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3. Zone your farm

Designate areas for exclusion, separation and farming

4. Manage plant material

Avoid sourcing planting material from other people’s farms

Remember – Come Clean, Leave Clean!

There are people available to answer any questions you have. Contact the Australian Banana Growers’ Council office on 07 3278 4786 if you need assistance.

Resources available for growers

The Deparment of Agriculture and Fisheries has developed an On-Farm biosecurity manual which includes a range of checklists, pictures and information.

Growers can access the document via this link.


Biosecurity Queensland has a comprehensive ‘Grower Kit’ on Panama disease Tropical Race 4 which provides growers with important information to help protect their properties from Panama TR4.

To access the on-line version of the kit click here.


Biosecurity Queensland’s Youtube page contains a number of video guides and information – view them here.