Workshops and Grants

Workshops and Grants


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ABGC is part of the Reef Alliance

The ABGC is part of the Reef Alliance which is a partnership of agricultural industry groups (including cane, grazing and horticultural industries), regional natural resource management bodies and WWF Australia (representing the conservation sector).  The Reef Alliance provides a mechanism for stakeholders to lead and coordinate a program of land use change improvement.  Together, the Reef Alliance members share information, resources and ideas, and mix their respective skill sets to deliver behavioural change in land managers and communities. The Reef Alliance successfully bid for funding from the Reef Trust III Programme to help growers and landholders improve the quality of water leaving their farms.

Why and how growers should get involved:

Reef Trust III funding and support is available to North Queensland banana growers who have completed their Banana BMP.  If you haven’t completed your BMP , please contact Robert Mayers on 0447 000 203 or email and he can arrange a time that suits you to visit you at your farm.  There is funding available to trial novel or innovative practices or machinery that will lead to a water quality benefit.

For further information on Reef Trust III funding and support available to banana growers in North Queensland, please contact Sarah Simpson on (07) 4015 2797 or email

The Reef Alliance Program is a partnership between agricultural industry, regional NRM bodies and facilitated by the Queensland Farmers Federation (QFF), with a common goal of securing the future health of the Great Barrier Reef. 

The Reef Alliance Program is funded by the Australian Government and delivered through the Reef Trust.