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Growers still waiting on TC Niran grants

1 July 2021

The Australian Banana Growers’ Council has raised concerns over a delay in allowing cyclone-affected farmers access to grants of up to $75,000. The grants were announced by the Federal and State Gover...

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Best Management Practices

The Banana Best Management Practices (BMP) Environmental Guideline is a national guideline to encourage continual improvement and adoption of best practice throughout the banana industry.


The Banana industry’s ‘Better Bunch’ app is a time-saving device to assist growers in their everyday recording of farm practices to complement their BMP.


The ABGC represents the interests of the Australian banana industry and our work is funded by voluntary membership fees

Social Media

Stay up to date on the latest news from ABGC with your preferred social media.

Banana Research and Development

The Better Bananas website provides up-to-date information on banana Research and Development.

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