Industry Map

Banana Industry Map

This map provides an accurate understanding of the location and extent of all commercial ( > 1 hectare) banana plantations across Australia.

Search for a location using the ‘search’ tool in the top right corner of the map, and navigate using the buttons in top left corner or gestures on a touch screen. 

Summary statistics showing the total area of banana plantations within each State or Territory and Local Government Area (LGA) are available in pop-ups (click the map).

The map is currently being updated by researchers at the University of New England. If something is missing or incorrect simply complete this survey. Researchers will then review and action updates in the map. Of particular interest are new plantations which cannot be identified using satellite imagery alone.

No personal information is collected or contained in this map. The project is led by the Applied Agricultural Remote Sensing Centre at the University of New England and supported by Hort Innovation under the Australian Government’s Rural R&D for Profit program. 

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