Quality Approved Banana Nursery

Quality Approved Banana Nursery (QBAN) scheme signals that approved businesses are verified sources of high quality, clean planting material.

The production and use of high health planting material is key to good plantation management.

It plays an essential part in ensuring serious pests and diseases, such as Panama disease, Bunchy Top virus, banana weevil borer and many more, aren’t spread within and between farms.

That’s where the Quality Approved Banana Nursery (QBAN) scheme comes in.

The scheme, previously administered by the Queensland Government and now jointly run by Greenlife Industry Australia (GIA) and ABGC, signals that approved businesses are verified sources of high quality, clean planting material.

QBAN is recognised across the country, both within industry and more broadly.

Participation in QBAN (Quality Approved Banana Nursery) is voluntary and any banana propagation business who can meet the QBAN requirements, may apply for accreditation under the scheme. This includes businesses involved with one or more of the activities associated with banana nursery stock production those being:

  1. sourcing or collection of propagative material for tissue culture initiation;
  2. tissue culture propagation;
  3. grow-out nurseries.

To be eligible to apply to ABGC for QBAN accreditation, a propagative business must:

  • Implement the requirements specified within the NIASA Banana Nursery Stock Specification Appendix (please contact Greenlife Industry Australia by email for information – biosecure@greenlifeindustry.com.au or visit https://nurseryproductionfms.com.au/niasa-accreditation/); and
  • Be NIASA accredited under Part C (for production nurseries); or under Part B for Tissue Culture facilities; and
  • Be found at audit to have implemented the procedures within the Appendix to a Satisfactory standard; and
  • Demonstrate this through provision of a NIASA Banana Nursery Stock Specification Accreditation certificate.

Some of the benefits to businesses for QBAN accreditation include:

  • To support our industry and at a minimal cost.
  • ABGC will encourage banana growers to support your business.
  • Include your business in a listing of QBAN businesses in Australian Bananas Magazine three times per year.
  • Allow you to advertise as a QBAN businesses, in Australian Bananas Magazine should you wish (fees apply).
  • Include your business in the QBAN business listing on the ABGC Web site.

Information and documentation for plant propagation businesses wishing to obtain QBAN accreditation may be found in the following files:

QBAN Facilities


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