Growers’ e-Bulletin – 9 August 2016

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[abgc_ebulletin_title title=”Growers asked to Vote on Panama Levy this week!” tag_type=”h4″ show_hr=”false”]

A reminder to all growers, there is less than two weeks remaining to cast your vote in the current levy poll.

The levy ballot closes on August 22, and with changes to mail time deliveries from rural areas, the ABGC’s Chair Doug Phillips has urged all growers to vote this week.

“The ABGC views the purchase of the TR4 property as the best option for ongoing disease management and our highest chance of containment.

“The national ballot is a significant moment in the industry’s history and it is essential for growers to take part and make their vote count on this decision,’’ Mr Phillips said.

For any queries on the ballot, please contact the Ballot Administrator on 1300 737 880 or the ABGC’s Jim Pekin on 07 3278 4786. The Ballot Administrator can also be contacted by email on

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Keep up-to-date with all ABGC news via our very active Facebook page.

The ABGC sponsored Australian Banana Packing Championships officially went global earlier this month thanks to social media.

A highlights package from the event at the Innisfail Show and posted on the ABGC’s Facebook page has now reached over 19,000 people and viewed more than 5,500 times.

We are thinking we may need a bigger shed for the event next year!

[abgc_ebulletin_title title=”Financial Counselling Available” tag_type=”h4″ show_hr=”true”]

Having serious cash flow issues? Or trouble dealing with your bank? A reminder there is free financial counselling on offer, for any grower facing financial hardship.

Rural financial counsellors are available to assist primary producers through difficult times, through the Queensland Farm Finance Strategy.

They offer highly confidential, professional support including conflict resolution between a grower and their financial institution, assessing the financial viability of a farming operation and assisting growers to secure bank development loans for those looking to expand.


Nick Birchley is a rural financial counsellor based at South Johnstone and has been helping North Queensland growers for the past 12 years. He can be contacted on 0448 460309. For Rural Financial Counselling Services in other regions go to the website at