Banana marketing update

In recent months, Australian Bananas have been everywhere! On our small screens, city streets, shopping centres and even our mobile phones! And, we are about to see even more of them. Hort Innovation Marketing Manager Elisa King outlines some of the future planned marketing. 


Television — January-June 2017


The next round of Australian Bananas TV advertising will see our 15-second commercial run across a staggered four-week period, during early April and late April/early May.


As per our launch burst, activity will be represented across all major capital cities and key major regional markets (NNSW, SNSW, VIC, QLD and WA).


It is an exciting time for TV as a lot of the first quarter TV shows are coming to an end. Our next burst will tap into the new round of Quarter 2 programming that the networks are releasing, such as House Rules and MasterChef.


The additional allure of slightly altered programming formats is likely to draw audiences in even further, as the networks vie for consumer attention.


As always, our TV investment will feature a proportionate spend in pay-TV environments to ensure we are covering the entire market and delivering our branded commercial to 30% of households, on average, nationally who have Foxtel.


We are only halfway through our full campaign TV schedule and look forward to delivering efficient frequency and top-of-mind consideration of Australian Bananas in the four weeks of upcoming activity.


Out of home


Similar to our TV schedule, our out-of-home approach has been in market since 19 February. It has been complementing the Australian Bananas television campaign, with a highly visible presence in high footfall retail and commuter environments.


As has become standard now for our shopping centre investment, 70% of our retail panels (digital posters) appear right in front of supermarkets as a last-touch reminder point before a consumer enters Coles, Woolworth or ALDI, and the remaining 30% appear throughout shopping centres to drive audience incremental reach, frequency and awareness.


Our retail activity will continue until the final week of our television campaign, 13 May. With likely bonus placements to drive even further longevity beyond the campaign period.


Our bus advertising formats will continue running in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth until mid-May.


Advertising on trains will continue until late May, with our current train wraps in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane reaching the large proportion of people who travel via public transport each week in these metro centres.


Finally, our rail transit component will feature our Australian Bananas creative across rail networks in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane until late May, covering key routes and delivering huge audiences on station platforms throughout each city.


Digital (desktop and mobile)


Scheduled to run until late May, this campaign will be two-fold.


·         Extend the visibility of our TV commercials to our core audience across highly visited online environments to drive high-reaching awareness.

·         Deliver our campaign messages through mobile banner advertising in highly engaging, rich media formats. Again, to ensure our brand stands out from the advertising clutter and provides a fun and engaging mobile piece of advertising presented by Australian Bananas.


Sydney Royal Easter Show


For the first time in four years, the Sydney Royal Easter Show will fall entirely in the school holidays. Bananas will feature through highly visible advertisements in a number of formats for the total duration of the show, including on the big screen, banner boards and plasma screens.


**For a complete timeline of activity & budget for 2016/17 refer to the Monthly Banana Marketing Reports