World leading scientists to share their insights at Congress

Australian banana growers will be privy to world class scientific research at this year’s industry Congress.

World leading researchers, Dr Frederic Bakry (France) and Professor Randy Ploetz (US) will present their insights into the latest findings on disease management, specifically focussed on banana plant health and finding future TR4 resistance.

They will be joined by esteemed Australian researchers including Professor Andre Drenth, Stewart Lindsay and Dr Tony Pattison, who have spearheaded significant projects tailored towards securing the domestic industry into the future.

“In terms of the calibre of our researchers within an extensive, and impressive program at Congress, we have the key international experts, as well as the leading TR4 researchers in Australia,” said Chair of the ABGC Board, Stephen Lowe.

“We have also organised science speed talks, in which further research taking place for the industry will be presented in a fun and energetic way,” he said.

Topics of the speakers include:

1.    Jenny Cobon – Exploring the possibility of new tools for integrated control of nematode pests.

2.    Noeleen Warman – New research showing when and where TR4 moves within the banana plant.

3.    Donna Chambers– Improved thrip detection and monitoring for more efficient Integrated Pest Management.

4.    Liz Czislowski – Understanding the pathogenicity of Fusarium in banana and its relevance to   improved diagnostics, management strategies, and the development of resistant varieties.

5.    Sharl Mintoff –  Update on NT varietal trials – screening for tolerance or resistance to Panama TR4.

6.    Trevor Parker – Remote sensing technology as a useful decision support tool to aid grower decision making to improve farming efficiencies.

“Congress is certainly an incredible opportunity for growers to arm themselves with the latest research to then use on farm,” Mr Lowe said.  “In an era when biosecurity is absolutely essential, it is important for us all to keep up to date with the research that ultimately protect the industry.”

*For a full program of events for this year’s Australian Banana Industry Congress in Sydney on June 22 -24, including international researchers and keynote speakers, go to

Further research insights will be available within poster presentations throughout Congress.


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