Panama TR4 tracing and surveillance strategy review

Written by Biosecurity Queensland

In its continued commitment to the control and management of Panama TR4 in Far North Queensland, Biosecurity Queensland’s Panama TR4 Program has assessed the potential risk of disease pathways from the two infested properties in the Tully Valley. From this assessment, surveillance priority and frequency for banana farms in the region has been redefined.

Panama TR4 infested properties will undergo surveillance every six weeks. Properties that are deemed at high risk of exposure to the disease will undergo surveillance every three months and medium risk properties will undergo surveillance every six months. Lowest risk properties will not undergo any scheduled surveillance.

Categorisation of properties was based on a number of factors such as:

  • the proximity of the property to the current infested properties
  • frequent and/or high risk movement between properties
  • services that have entered the property and
  • shared planting material.

All growers are reminded to remain vigilant and maintain their on-farm biosecurity measures to protect their farms and the industry from the spread of Panama TR4.

Growers will shortly receive a letter in the mail advising of their property categorisation and surveillance schedule. Any questions regarding your property assessment can be directed to the Panama TR4 Program tracing and surveillance coordinator, Amanda Palmer on 07 4091 8146 or email

The tracing and surveillance review was developed in consultation with the peak industry body, the Australian Banana Growers’ Council (ABGC), and Agri-Science Queensland’s research and development extension team. The review took into account the reallocation of resources to ensure the Program’s activities are being directed to the areas that need support the most.

Biosecurity Queensland is working with growers and industry to be prepared for Panama TR4. If the disease is detected on your farm, production downtime can be minimised if robust farm biosecurity measures are already in place. If you require assistance or advice on farm biosecurity phone the Panama TR4 Program’s compliance manager Paul Garland on 07 4091 8155 or email