Sediment Conservation Grants Available

Banana growers in the Wet Tropics are being urged to apply for a limited number of grants currently available for sediment conservation projects.

Examples of sediment conservation projects include, but are not limited to:

o   Farm layout mapping with soil conservation plan, roads, headlands (e.g. contour mapping)

o   Equipment to better maintain ground cover (e.g. slide throw slasher)

o   Technology to enable the use of reduced tillage and permanent beds (e.g. GPS)

o   Installation of sediment trapping structures (e.g. earthworks, expert advice and design)

o   Earthworks to slow the movement of surface water such as laser levelling, spoon drains, contouring or diversion banks

If you’re interested in accessing this funding, please contact the South Johnstone Reef Extension Team on (07) 4015 2797 for further information on how to access the grant funding.  Application are closing soon.


Contouring pic web

Figure 1; Example of contouring.

Grassed, shallow drain web

Figure 2. Example of grassed, shallow spoon drain