It’s what’s inside that counts!


Recent flooding across the north may affect the look of some banana stocks reaching supermarket shelves, however shoppers are being assured, the fruit inside still has the same great taste.

Australian Banana Growers’ Council Chair Stephen Lowe said continuing wet weather in the coastal growing areas may mean that minor superficial external damage to fruit could occur.

‘’There might be minor cosmetic damage due to the prolonged wet weather. The bananas might have some marks on the skin. They may not be as bright yellow as normal. But, ultimately the product still should taste the same inside,” Mr Lowe said.

He said a shortage of supply may also result in a slight rise in prices, however this was also expected to be short-lived.

‘’The prolonged wet weather has not allowed the fruit to mature at its normal rate. It’s been hanging there waiting for the sun to come out.

‘’I guess it’s put a hiccup in the system. But it’s come off a period where supply was low before this event anyway. The really hot weather we experienced in November/December affected bunch emergence. There was not a lot of fruit out there to start with and I think everyone was expected a fairly light February even before the flooding.’’