Feral pig fight continues

The fight against feral pigs is far from over in the Tully Valley, despite a targeted program eradicating more than 5000 of the pests.

Feral pigs not only cause considerable environmental damage, but also pose a constant risk of spreading Panama tropical race 4.

As at September 30, 5333 pigs had been culled as part of the TR4 Feral Pig Program. Almost 4600 of these were a direct result of banana industry efforts.

Banana growers and industry have committed significant funding to this effort, however funding for the future – and a continued focus on the Tully area – remain a concern.

ABGC Deputy Chair Leon Collins said the program had made a real difference at the top of the Valley since it started in July 2017.

“But we can’t afford to slack off or the numbers will return,” he said.

The ABGC also acknowledges Orora’s donation of approximately 100 cardboard bins to the Program, which have been used to ripen bananas used in traps.