Annual banana volumes

The national banana levy collected by the Federal Department of Agriculture is compulsory for commercial banana growers.

It is 2.19 cents per kilogram of bananas sold.

The dollars collected show an estimate of production for the previous financial year.

Right is a table of the levy-based banana volumes.

For non-industry participants, please note this is an approximation of production, but not all bananas grown are sold, i.e. some don’t make the retailer-required specifications.

Also, there is a lag factor, in that levies paid on June sales (at least) are paid in the following financial year.

Exemptions from paying the levy and other details are to be found at

Years ending 30th June

Year ‘000 tonnes
2013 341
2014 371
2015 371
2016 393
2017 414
2018 388
2019 372