Tully Sustainable Farming Day

Almost 100 people attended the Tully Sustainable Farming Day, held on November 8.

The event, which was an initiative of the extension network including the Australian Banana Growers’ Council, featured a range of ways to improve production, profit and sustainability.

Attendees were also given an update on banana nutrient rate trials and grants, and had the option of listening to short talks on topics including Tully farming and pig management strategies.

The ABGC’s Amelia Foster and Robert Mayers.
The ABGC’s Deputy Chair Leon Collins spoke about feral pig management.
Mahmud Kare, Senior Research Agronomist from DAF, Curtis Lanham, DAF Development Horticulturist, and Panama TR4 Program engagement officer Rebecca Breaden.
Former ABGC Yellow Sigatoka Liaison officer Louis Lardi (left) caught up with DAF’s Allan Blair.