Growers’ e-bulletin – New campaign to protect bananas from TR4


22 January, 2021

New campaign to protect bananas from TR4

Are you protecting your farm at the gate? Hear from fellow banana growers about what they are doing to shut the gate on Panama TR4 and how you can get in the zone and set up your biosecurity zones –  for your future and our industry.  

A special thanks to banana growers Blaise & Shayne Cini, Gavin Eliers, Dean Sinton, Matt Abbott and Steve Wells for sharing their stories.


This video is part of a new campaign developed by Biosecurity Queensland (BQ), in collaboration with the Australian Banana Growers’ Council (ABGC). 

You’ll see the campaign roll out on social media, on local radio and via ABGC and BQ emails. There’ll be different key messages for all involved, including for community and those working on farms. 

You can see more videos here or request a copy on USB (to include in inductions, play on TV screens in packing areas and smoko rooms, or hand over to service providers). Contact

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It is important that ABGC is advised if you know of growers who are not receiving these e-bulletins or the Australian Banana magazine. We may have out of date email or postal addresses for these growers. Please email any updated contact details to:

Also, it is important for membership purposes that growers advise ABGC if they change trading name or their agent (wholesaler) or add one, and also to let their agent know.