Proposed Code of Practice for the management and control of Panama disease tropical race 4 in Queensland

A more streamlined, modern approach to the regulation of managing the biosecurity risks associated with Panama TR4 is on the horizon thanks to the development of a new banana industry Code of Practice.

The ABGC’s proposed ‘Code of Practice for the Management and Control of Panama disease tropical race 4 in Queensland’ has been developed through a series of steps, including:

·        grower feedback from the discussion paper earlier this year

·        consideration of successful strategies and other options

·        a review by a stakeholder reference group.

The Code’s purpose is to provide growers with a tool to help prevent a TR4 infection on their property and take charge of their biosecurity futures.

For infested property owners, the proposed Code captures the mandatory measures of containment that have shown to be effective in minimising the level of spores produced by an infected plant, so farming in the presence of the disease can continue.

Developed through the ABGC in consultation with the project reference group the Code facilitate disease management beyond the Panama TR4 Program’s transition to industry leadership from 1 July 2023. 

The proposed Code is now published and open for feedback until Friday 16 September 2022.  Feedback can be offered by completing this short survey.

For further information contact:

Geoff Wilson

Industry Transition Leader

0418 644 068