In-store banana merchandising and education program

(BA22505 – Banana In Store Merchandising Program FY23 and BA22005 – Banana Quality and In Store Education Program FY23)

Beginning this month (May 2023), an in-store banana education and merchandising program will take place over 18 weeks in 1000 Coles and Woolworths stores.

The key objectives are improving banana merchandising and stock handling standards, reinforcing retailer merchandising standards for yellow and green bananas, and capturing data on stock handling in store.


  • Ensure adequate stock of green and yellow bananas available, and work with in-store teams to ensure regular stock-on-hand levels are appropriate for run rates
  • Ensure correct storage and refilling standards are being used
  • Educate in-store staff on best practice standards for both merchandising and handling, including using the ABGC produced retail training video
  • Leave behind an educational poster to be displayed in the storeroom to further reinforce optimal practices on an ongoing basis

Further Detail:

  • 400 Coles stores, 600 Woolworths visited weekly for 18 weeks
  • Stores a mix of demographics, store size and regional/metro locations
  • 30 minute in-store calls – 20 minutes on Quality and Education and 10 minutes on Merchandising
  • Weekly reporting available (example image below)
  • Leave behind educational poster to be located in the store’s storage area (final art below)
  • ABGC-produced training video to be adapted to the retail environment and shared with in store staff
  • Surveys conducted on banana quality, presentation, refilling methods and storage conditions