Banana growers part of Australian-first plastics credit scheme

An Australian-first project in Far North Queensland is removing and recycling tonnes of plastic waste from local banana farms, as part of a pioneering new plastics credit scheme.

The Australian Banana Growers’ Council (ABGC) has partnered with GreenCollar and the MAMS Group to collect and recycle plastic banana bunch covers.

The partnership means growers can earn plastic credits that are measured, reported and third-party verified under the Verra Plastic Standard. 

Credits can be sold on a new voluntary market to investors wishing to address their own plastic footprint. 

A single plastic credit is awarded for every tonne of plastic recovered and removed from the environment and/or remanufactured into a product.

ABGC Research and Development Manager Rosie Godwin praised the initiative.

“It is fantastic to be involved with this world-leading initiative that aligns so wholly with our values, by making a tangible and positive difference to the environment and our farmers,” Dr Godwin said.

“Environmental stewardship is an integral component of what our industry does and we’re proud to play our part in combatting the global plastic crisis.”

GreenCollar Head of New Initiatives Anjali Nelson said many regions lacked the infrastructure to deal with plastic waste effectively.

“These credits provide a financial incentive to change plastic waste management while also driving significant investment in the infrastructure needed for recycling,” Ms Nelson said.

MAMS Group’s Louise Lannen said the MAMS Group was proud to support the establishment of a new market that would improve recycling infrastructure in the Far North.