ABGC’s Research and Development Manager Dr Rosie Godwin, presented an update on the Chlorpyrifos situation for the banana industry on 15th December, 2023. This was the first of a series of webinars ABGC is offering to growers and members around key issues relating to the banana industry.


Below is a recording of the webinar for growers and stakeholders who could not attend.

The presentation was via an online webinar which was available to growers via a simple link. All they needed to join was an internet connection and sound. Fifteen growers and stakeholders attended, with some participating in Q&A at the end.
Feedback indicated a high level of satisfaction with the content presented and questions answered.

“Thanks so much for letting us listen in on the session…Being able to just open a computer at the smoko table and listen to workshops fits into our daily schedule so well. It’s a thumbs up from us!” – grower, Nerada

Rosie’s webinar covered:

  • Chlorpyrifos Review: Background and why?
  • Outcome and proposed decision
  • Next steps and timelines
  • What has industry been doing about this?
  • Safety and responsibilities
  • Q&A

The next lunchtime webinar will be in February 2024 and will address opportunities for banana waste. It will be available to ABGC grower members only. More on this to come.

If you want to learn about ABGC membership, click here or contact Kathryn Dryden on 0455 553 596 or via members@abgc.org.au.