Media Quick Links

Media Quick Links

ABGC in the News

ABGC in the News:

Leon Collins (Chair) on flooding in the Far North – ABC Far North Queensland, 26 Feb (audio) – no longer available

Leon Collins (Chair) on the release of the Australian Horticulture Statistics Handbook and the industry taking pride on being the most consumed fruit in Aussie households – ABGC Alice Springs, 23 Feb (audio) – no longer available

Dr Rosie Godwin (Research & Development Manager) on the robotic dehanding project – ABC, 15 Feb (audio)

Stephen Lowe (Deputy Chair) on business as usual after cyclone – Triple M Cairns, 7 Feb (audio) – no longer available

New data shows farmers will walk away if worker access is further eroded – Farmers are warning they will change what they grow or even walk away from farming if their access to overseas workers is reduced, new data from the National Farmers’ Federation has revealed. 18 April 2024

NFF urges parliament to side with farmers on biosecurity levy – The National Farmers’ Federation is sending a message to politicians to do the right thing by Australian farmers as debate on the controversial Biosecurity Protection Levy kicks off in the House of Representatives today. 19 Mar 2024

Supermarkets gouge growers millions in rebates alone – The Senate Select Committee on Supermarket Prices continues its hearings in Melbourne today, having heard repeated incidences of poor – if not unconscionable – behaviour by supermarkets from consumers and growers alike in Hobart and yesterday in Orange. 13 Mar 2024

National forum tackles farmer mental health – Leaders in agriculture and mental health will meet today at a national forum to zero in on farmer mental health and wellbeing and what needs to be done – 13 Mar

NFF calls on Canberra to turn around agriculture’s productivity slump – Today’s ABARES Snapshot of Australian Agriculture shows how the farm sector has positioned itself as a powerhouse in the nation’s economy, but alarm bells are ringing over the already slowing productivity rate which is only predicted to worsen.

Supermarket inquiry announces dates to hear horror stories – The Senate Select Committee on Supermarket Prices has announced an initial set of dates to hear stories about bad behaviour by supermarkets.

Food and Grocery Code Review – The Food and Grocery Code in its current form fails to enforce a minimum standard of behaviour between suppliers and retailers.

Government snubs expert advice on Biosecurity Levy – Farmers across Australia have been left bamboozled by the Government’s attempt to legislate a new tax on farmers, despite a tidal wave of expert criticism.

Senate Inquiry recordings on Competition – Tasmania

other industry news

RegTech Survey: Freshcare still need grower input to help businesses meet regulatory requirements more efficiently. Click here to provide Freshcare with your perspective.

Australian Horticulture Statistics Handbook 22/23 released – The annual Australian Horticulture Statistics Handbook offers the most comprehensive and up-to-date data available on more than 75 horticultural products including fruit, nuts, vegetables, nursery, turf, and cut flowers. The wholesale value of the fresh supply of bananas was $706.9M.

2023 Farmer of the Year winners revealed [PAYWALL] – Frank and Dianne Sciacca take the gong!

Prof James Dale (QUT) on the GM Banana with TR4 resistance – ABC Wide Bay, 20 Feb (audio)

World’s first genetically-modified banana, developed in Queensland, deemed fit for humans –, 6 Mar

Australian government approves release of QUT-developed GM Cavendish QCAV-4 – QUT, 16 Feb

Australia is getting a totally new banana –, 16 Feb

Repeated natural disasters taking a mental health toll on Queensland farmers – ABC News, 15 Feb

Carnarvon banana growers using freeze-dried facility to save fruit rejected by Australian supermarkets – ABC News, 13 Feb

Bananas get a mention on Landline’s story on What happened to El Nino? [LOGIN] The story begins at 13mins, Les Blennerhasset on transport is at 14.46, and Howe’s Banana Farm with James Howe is at 20.40 (video)

Northern Territory’s largest banana farm expanding to meet local demand – ABC Listen, 7 Feb (audio)

Delivering and Storing Bulk Fertiliser Safely – FertCare, 7 Mar