Future Farming Award

Future Farming Award

Recognising outstanding achievement in Banana BMP

The Australian Banana Growers’ Council introduced a new award at Congress 2021 to recognise Outstanding Achievement in Banana Best Management Practice.

This industry has always known that the land, the environment, is our livelihood, and we all value the waterways of our region that flow into the Great Barrier Reef.

The award is given in recognition of commitment, innovation, willingness to share information, and contribution to the improvement of long-term water quality whilst achieving a productive farm.

The Banana BMP Best Practice Fund is funded under the Banana Best Management Practice (BMP) Project (2023-2026). The Banana BMP is funded through the Queensland Government’s Queensland Reef Water Quality Program and delivered by Australian Banana Grower’s’ Council’s in partnership with growers.


Steve and Richelle have a unique farm, the closest one in fact to the Great Barrier Reef. It’s located near the shores of Mission Beach and is constantly under the watchful eye of the community, with an urban development having been established on the farm boundaries.

A reduction in sediment and nutrient losses from their farm are testament to the best practice efforts they have employed including an innovative spoon drain, sediment ponds, and major repair and maintenance to a waterway.

The ABGC BMP team has worked with MBL Bananas to support their vision for improved runoff management through a large drain in the middle of their farm. They continue to be impressed with the work done by Steve and Richelle on their farm.

Along with the accolades, the winners were treated to a family cruise to Upolu “Wonderwall” Reef and Cay, and an introductory scuba dive thanks to Ocean Freedom.

Gavin Devaney, Bartle Frere Bananas

Water quality is at the forefront of Gavin’s farming practices. 
He has converted a former cane paddock into a best practice banana farm with innovative runoff solutions. In doing so, he has significantly improved the farm’s layout and reduced its environmental impacts, while also maintaining productivity and profitability. 
Gavin has made land available to trial new methods on-farm, participates in project reference groups and has contributed to the Best Management Practice Guideline.  
His enthusiasm to embrace new technologies and share information for the benefit of his farm and the broader farming community is also evident through his participation Smart Farms project. This is a project that is using remote sensing to measure aspects of BMP including nutrient loss through leaching. The project has the potential to influence BMP standards for the entire industry into the future.  
The Devaney family has always held and promoted a genuine commitment to environmentally friendly practices.