Major Integrated Project

Wet Tropics Major Integrated Project

What is the Major Integrated Project (MIP)?


  • Grass roots: a reef water quality program funded by the Queensland Government but designed by the community (shaped by a consortium of over 40 organisations and hundreds of individuals).
  • Understanding the issues: working with farmers to understand the issues and find solutions.
  • Johnstone and Tully: concentrates on catchments where intensive agriculture poses a high risk to water quality.
  • Farms and beyond: the project is working with all parts of the community, because it recognises that water quality is everyone’s responsibility.
  • A mix of actions: things like farm services, catchment repair technologies, local scale monitoring and ecosystem service payments 

-Terrain NRM

Terrain NRM

Terrain NRM is an independent not-for-profit organisation that works with the Wet Tropics community to promote sustainable use of land and waterways, protect environmental values and support healthy, productive and viable communities and industries.


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