Best Management Practices (BMP)

Best Management Practices Project

About the BMP

The Banana Best Management Practices Environmental Guideline  (BMP) is a national research project developed at the request of, and in partnership with, the banana industry.

The BMP was launched at the Banana Industry Congress 2013. It is now available in the following forms:

  • a document. For a copy in pdf form, please click the following link – Banana BMP
  • an online resource. To register for the online version, please go to the registration page.

The project provides:

  • a single point where growers can get information about suggested farming practices
  • a method for banana farms to review their farming practices.

For further information, contact Queensland Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) Development Horticulturist Tegan Kukulies by emailing: or by phoning (07) 4220 4152/or  ABGC extension officer Rob Mayers via email on or phone 0447 000 203.

Download the BMP

To view and download the Banana Best Management Practices Environmental Guideline (BMP), click the following link: Banana BMP

Register to use the online BMP

By registering you will have access to an online resource. See below for information on how it works. Registration is simple. Just follow this link.

How to use the BMP – a step-by-step video and training instructions

As well as the printable version of the BMP, an online resource is also available.

Naomi King has produced a short video guide to the online BMP. To watch the video, go to or use the video displayed below.

A document outlining the training instructions can be viewed here: Banana BMP online training instructions

Extra information

For additional information related to the project, please see: