Supply Chain

Supply Chain

The Australian Banana Growers’ Council successfully advocated for funding to create a Supply Chain Engagement Manager.
Banana Supply Chain Engagement Manager

ABGC has contracted the services of Andrew Burns as the Hort Innovation-funded, Banana Supply Chain Engagement Manager. Andrew reports directly to the CEO.

The objective of the Supply Chain Engagement project (BA22504) is to develop and organise activities involving key supply chain stakeholders to build interest, excitement, and an understanding of the Australian Banana Industry, ultimately to increase the demand and consumption of Australian Bananas via:

1. Category and Supply Chain Engagement
  • In conjunction with Hort Innovation, work with major retailers and independents to educate staff on best practice merchandising, including correct product handling, display and storage.
  • Negotiate Point of Purchase displays with all major retailers at key periods as agreed with Hort marketing team.
  • Hold annual training sessions with major retailers, their distribution centres and category managers, with a focus on quality, handling, merchandising and storage. Review existing education that is provided to retailers on merchandising best practice.
  • Develop and issue a Retailer Tool Kit (including ABGC’s video on best practice merchandising and handling information) to all major retailers.
2. Promote the category
  • Work closely with Hort to ensure their banana marketing activities and projects are well integrated and commun icated instore to achieve maximum results.
  • Work with supply chain businesses and Hort to understand their banana marketing and promotion plans and seek opportunities for alignment with levy – funded activities.
3. Communication
  • Improve the communication of information both ways across supply chains for the benefit of growers and others in the supply chains.
  • Inform retailers and wholesalers on major supply issues and events, including with severe region wide weather events, etc.

Andrew will provide regular updates on this project to growers via the ABGC Communications channels.