Mort Johnston Professional Development Scholarship

Mort Johnston

The Mort Johnston Professional Development Scholarship has been established by the Australian Banana Growers’ Council to honour the memory of a man whose vision, determination, optimism and goodwill were an example to all.

The purpose of the scholarship is to provide financial assistance to individuals and entities seeking to further their professional development in ways that will ultimately benefit the Australian banana industry.




Previous Mort Johnston Scholarship Recipients

2013 – Liam Riedy
“Investigation into the use and efficacy of biological fungicides in the Australian Banana Industry”

2012 – Naomi King
“Taiwan and China Banana Study Tour”

2011 – Matthew Whittle
“Investigating the application of Short Sea Shipping”

2009 – Mee Hua Wong
“Identifying Banana Freckle Disease Pathogens”

2009 – Kevan Jones
“Investigating the use of silicon as a soil amendment in banana growing to enhance tolerance to fusarium wilt (and other diseases)”

2009 – Jane Milburn
Develop a new narrative for Australian Agriculture

2008 – Fiona Giblin
“On-Farm Biosecuity Project

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