Growers feature in farm video

The banana industry has produced a video to highlight the ways banana farms are improving their farms to reduce impacts on the Great Barrier Reef.

By the end of the current, and final, round of co-funded Australian Government Reef Program projects, Round 8, banana growers will have utilised 157 co-funded projects to improve farming practices.
Final round projects were announced in August with 21 projects funded, including five for sediment control and 16 for fertigation. There were a total of 40 applications for the funds.
The 157 projects funded since 2008 have improved 12,564 hectares of banana production area with some farms investing in multiple projects to introduce a number of improvements to their farms.
ABGC Chairman Doug Phillips said: “Banana growers have been enthusiastic in adopting environmental farming practices and introducing features that help to retain soil on-farm and reduce nutrient levels in any run-off.
The banana industry video on environmentally-sustainable farming can be viewed at