Standards and guidelines revised

The TR4 Program has revised its standards and guidelines for banana farms with he changes clarifying how the measures apply to banana farms.

“The standards are mandatory conditions required for growing, harvesting and marketing bananas which must be adhered to by owners of quarantined properties,” the document’s revised Purpose section states.

“The guidelines are additional practices suggested for implementation by all growers as part of biosecurity best management practice.”

The guidelines were first released in May 2015 and are updated as new information becomes available.

TR4 Response Program Leader Rebecca Sapuppo said that when planning or implementing a biosecurity plan for a banana farm, the standards and guidelines should be viewed as best practice.

“If, in the unfortunate event Panama Tropical Race 4 is detected on a banana farm, compliance with the standards and guidelines ensures minimal impact on the grower’s ability to consign their fruit,” she said.

“Biosecurity field officers and surveillance officers are always available to provide advice and clarification regarding the standards and guidelines to growers if required.”