Further testing required for plant samples

Banana plant samples that were put under testing from a North Queensland grower last week will continue through to more extensive testing.

Biosecurity Queensland (BQ) has advised that the full suite of tests required is now being conducted on those samples to eliminate the possibility of them containing Panama TR4.

ABGC Chairman Doug Phillips said that BQ advised that testing will take about three weeks.

Mr Phillips said the situation was not good in terms of delaying the settlement of purchase of the current TR4 infected property at Tully, but backed the thorough process pursued by BQ in their effort to eliminate all doubt of the further spread of TR4.

“BQ are following their authorised TR4 diagnostic testing process,” he said.

ABGC understands the impacts this is having on the grower who was scheduled to sell his farm last week and separately, the grower with the samples under testing. “We still hope to buy the Tully farm, but are required to wait until the plant samples are cleared,” Mr Phillips said.