Meeting the challenge of TR4

Nineteen months since the discovery of Panama TR4 on a Tully property, containment efforts remain an industry priority.

While around the globe scientists are researching means to eradicate the disease entirely, here in Australia, biosecurity, on-farm management and continued vigilance across the banana-growing regions are continually built on. In this special TR4 feature, we take a snapshot at some of the short, medium and long term management strategies underway, to give all growers the best chance possible of fighting this unwelcome scourge.

Dealing with TR4 in the short, medium and long term

As the north marks the one and a half year milestone since Panama TR4 was first detected on a property in Tully, we take a look at the collaborative research approach that aims to ensure the future of the Australian banana industry. The research is insightful and aims to provide answers to the growers’ questions now and into the future. The research is formulated around the short, medium and long term scenario’s producers in the industry may find themselves in