Another reason we love Brownlow superstar Patrick Dangerfield

The Australian Banana Growers’ Council (ABGC) is pleased to hear that AFL superstar Patrick Dangerfield is a fan of bananas!

He caught up with growers and ABGC while filming for an up-coming episode of IFISHTV in North Queensland last week.

The 2016 Brownlow Medallist sported an Australian Bananas t-shirt while fishing with the IFISHTV crew off Mission Beach last week.

Mission Beach banana grower Steven Lizzio said the Geelong star had approached him at his North Queensland banana stall and asked to buy some of his favourite fruit to take on the fishing trip that day.

However, he said, Dangerfield opted for a banana shirt instead, when informed of the long-held fishing industry superstition that bananas are ‘bad luck’ on boats.

“He said he really liked bananas and I said, “can I give you a banana shirt instead. And he accepted,” Mr Lizzio said.

“I think it is fantastic. We all know North Queenslanders love their bananas, but it’s great to know an AFL superstar loves them as well.”

Dangerfield – pictured with IFISHTV host Paul Worsteling – wore the shirt throughout the day’s filming and judging by his catches, bananas and boats may not be that bad after all.

ABGC CEO Jim Pekin met the Brownlow great while also in the North attending the Council’s quarterly board meeting.

He said Mr Dangerfield spoke of AFL footy, fishing and bananas.

“I’m a big fan of ‘Danger’ and was impressed with his keenness to sport an Australian Banana shirt on TV,” Mr Pekin said.

“I am sure he had a good time in North Queensland. We all hope he comes back soon”.

Geelong superstar Patrick Dangerfield won the 2016 Brownlow Medal, the most prestigious individual Australian Football League award, by a record number of votes.

The IFISHTV episode featuring Dangerfield in his banana shirt will air across Australia in May.