Feral Pigs

FERAL PIG FIELD DAY – January 19, 2018

Cassowary Coast Regional Council is hosting a Feral Pig Field Day on Friday January 19. 

Download the flyer below for details. 


The Cassowary Coast Regional Council will be conducting a catchment based 1080 baiting event in the Tully Valley on December 11, 2017  at the old Tully Sewerage Treatment plant on Nicotra Road, off Dean Road, commencing at 9am.

The Cassowary Coast Regional Council has advised that should you wish to be part of the baiting day, there are a number of requirements that have to be met.


These requirements are;


  •  Start free feeding with bait material that you are wanting to bait with (fermented cracked corn or bananas)
  • Choose bait location by following the following conditions:

                                   Baits must be laid on the land described in the DEED poll (attached below)

                                   No baits are to be laid on a stock route or reserve for travelling stock

                                   No baits are to be laid with in 5 meters of a fenced boundary

                                   No baits are to be laid within 20 meters of permanent or flowing water

                                   No baits are to laid within 50 meters of the centre line of a declared road

                                   No baits are to be laid within 150 meters of a dwelling

  • Monitor proposed bait location for pig numbers and off target animals. (Motion cameras are available from CCRC if requested)
  • Notify all bordering neighbours prior to baiting (72hrs minimum must be given) templates with all required information are available. (Attached below)
  • If baiting on behalf of landowner an Authority to sign document must be completed giving the responsible person permission to bait on there behalf. (Deed template attached below)
  • Arrive at above injection location at the time requested with a rates notice of the property you want to bait and your bait material (fermented cracked corn or bananas)
  • The following information is required (Owner details, Lot-plan, property address and property size) to be put on the DEED poll.
  • 1080 signs supplied by the Authorised Officer must be erected at all entries and exits of the property stating, date baits are to be laid, contact number, toxin name, material used, target animal and a warning to domestic animals and pets.
  • 1080 warning signs must stay in place for a month following baiting event.
  •  All uneaten baits must be destroyed either by deep burial or burnt.