Suspected case of Panama TR4 in Tully


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24 January, 2018

Suspected case of Panama TR4 in Tully

Biosecurity Queensland (BQ) has advised the Australian Banana Growers’ Council (ABGC) that a suspected case of Panama tropical race 4 has been detected in the Tully Valley.

A suspect plant showing symptoms of the disease was discovered during BQ surveillance last week.

A sample taken from that plant has since returned a positive result from an initial molecular (PCR) test.

Definitive results from further biological testing could still be several weeks away.

The ABGC has offered its full support to the grower at this difficult time and thanks the family for their efforts so far, working closely with BQ.

The affected property borders the second Panama TR4 infested farm and is in close proximity to the first.

This latest news is a timely reminder to all growers to reconsider their on-farm biosecurity measures, such as having clear separation zones, removing all plant material and soil from machinery and footwear before they are brought onto farms.

ABGC is also working to ensure the public knows the suspected case of Panama TR4 will not have any effect on consumers or banana supply.

We will also ensure growers are kept well informed of any new developments.

For more information on Panama TR4, visit:

Read Biosecurity Queensland’s media release here:

Read the ABGC’s full response here:

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