Research Projects

  • Banana root and soil health user’s manual

Tony Pattison and Stewart Lindsay, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Queensland

  • Water and Nitrogen Balance in Natural and Agricultural Systems in the Wet Tropics of North Queensland: a Review.

Keith L. Bristow, Peter J. Thorburn, Caecilia A. Sweeney and Heiko P. Bohl

CSIRO, Land & Water Resources Research and Development Corporation, Cooperative Research Centre for Sustainable Sugar Production  

  • Paddock Scale Water Quality Monitoring of Banana and Sugarcane Management Practices, Summary Report 2010-2013 Wet Seasons, Wet Tropics Region

J. Armour, A. Davis, B. Masters, C. Mortimore and M. Whitten

Terrain NRM, Caring for our Country, Queensland Government, TropWater

  • Managing Banana Nematodes

Tony Pattison, Julie Stanton, Neil Treverrow, Stewart Lindsay and Donna Campagnolo

Queensland Government, Queensland Department of Primary Industries, NSW Agriculture, Queensland Fruit & Vegetable Growers, Horticultural Research and Development Corporation, Banana Industry Committee

  • How to conduct your own research

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