BMP back for round two

rob mayers

Funding has been secured for a further four years of Best Management Practice delivery through the Queensland Department of Environment and Science.

The second phase of the project will focus on delivering extension to growers to help them improve their farming practices and profitability.

Reef Extension Officer Rob Mayers will be making contact with growers who haven’t yet completed the self assessment checklist to deliver BMP training.

He will also encourage them to revisit and update their BMP action plan if necessary.

On top of that, Rob can provide training in the use of BetterBunch – a great record keeping app designed specifically for the banana industry.

“Investing an hour or so with Rob will put growers on the front foot for the water quality regulations that are likely to start in the next couple of years,” Australian Banana Growers’ Council Strategy Manager Michelle McKinlay said.

“Growers will find out if they need to improve elements of their farming practices – and exactly how to go about that.”