Rebates up to $1000 to cover professional advice

The Queensland Government is providing funding directly to banana growers to help them access professional and agronomic advice to assist them in meeting the minimum standards included in the proposed environmental protection legislation.

These standards will cover nitrogen and phosphorous application, erosion and sediment control, record keeping for both new and existing farms, and farm design standards for new cropping developments. A starting date for the new minimum standards will be dependent on the bill passing through parliament and at this stage there is no exact date for this to occur.

The new scheme will cover growers in the Great Barrier Reef catchments and will provide a rebate up to $1000 for professional advice. The scheme will be administered by QRIDA who will be seeking applications from Agricultural Professionals such as Agronomists and Soil Conservationists to apply to become Accredited Agriculture Advisors in August 2019.

Once established, growers will be able to select an advisor listed on the QRIDA website and seek their advice. They will need to pay the advisor upfront and then apply to QRIDA for a rebate of up to $1000.

Keep an eye out for further information which will be provided when the scheme goes live.