COVID-19 guide for banana growers

When the COVID-19 health pandemic took hold earlier this year, the Australian Banana Growers’ Council (ABGC) moved swiftly to ensure growers were kept abreast of the rapidly changing environment, which had the potential to seriously impact farms. 

A key feature of the ABGC’s COVID-19 communication activities was the development of a comprehensive guide which provides advice to growers on how to mitigate the risks and other important information. 

The Guide for Banana Growers on COVID-19 does not constitute legal advice, or advice from a qualified medical professional, however, it is designed to represent current best-practice. 

It is drawn from official government advice and ABGC’s representation on a number of key state and federal government and industry working groups. 

It covers a range of issues intended to help growers mitigate the COVID-19 risk including business continuity, managing risks on farm (social distancing, hygiene, transporting workers, education), government assistance and what measures to put in place if a worker tests positive to COVID-19. 

The guide can be found on the ABGC website