Update on the spread of TR4

Panama TR4 continues to spread slowly in the Tully Valley, but escalation of the disease is always a constant threat. 

The number of plants confirmed with TR4, and the number of sites where these plants have been destroyed on infested farms (destruction sites), is increasing as time goes on (see graph right). 

As of 14 July, 2020, 85 plants have been confirmed with the disease which have been destroyed across 34 different sites, across the four infested farms. 

The sustained effort by industry, growers and government over the past five years has meant only four farms in Queensland have been confirmed with TR4 since 2015. 

The threat of further spread, however, remains present and growers are reminded the best way to protect their farm is by keeping the disease out of their farm. 

For those growers who haven’t already done so, now is the time to install on-farm biosecurity measures or review the procedures already in place to make sure they are still effective.