60 Years of ABGC – Best practice progress

In the past 60 years, there’s been an enormous amount of progress made when it comes to banana farmers improving their farming practices.

The ABGC has played a pivotal role, with the support of Federal and Queensland Government investment, in delivering support to growers to adopt best practice on their farms.

Improved knowledge and better monitoring has delivered a significant reduction in nitrogen use across the industry.

There is also a much greater appreciation of the value of keeping soil on farms. Growers acknowledge it is part of the foundation of a profitable farm and should not be lost to waterways.

Using funding from the Queensland Government, the ABGC has been able to implement a number of significant changes, including, but not limited to:

• Creation of a BMP team of extension officers who deliver one-on-one extension with growers as well as workshops on sediment and nutrient management;

• Facilitated grant funding from both Australian and Queensland governments to support practice change and innovation on banana farms;

• Negotiated environmental regulations that were flexible and more easily incorporated into existing farming practices;

• Lobbied the Queensland Government to fund a trial to identify optimum nutrient rates for growing bunches under a range of conditions; and

• Created an environmental award to acknowledge the excellent work done by banana growers.

Banana growers are innovators, with many trialing and adopting new practice, adapting equipment used in other industries or dreaming new ways to improve their production

Growers have embraced environmental practice change motivated by wanting to leave a sustainable industry for future generations.