CCRC Baiting Schedule (Dec Update)

Cassowary Coast Regional Council prepares baits on the 1st and 3rd  Wednesday of each month. 

Wednesday (the week prior to baiting – 2nd and last Wednesday of the month)

Notify Council that you would like to participate in baiting.

Collect bananas for pre-feeding (At least 3 days pre-feed is required).

Friday (the week prior to baiting)

Notify your neighbours by Sunday at the latest to allow for 72 hours prior to baiting and complete the record of notification. 

Start pre-feed and set remote camera. 

Please note, Council will have to sight the neighbour notifications and review your camera footage that covers the 3 days pre-feed before handing you the bait. 

Tuesday (the week of baiting)

Send your neighbour notification form and camera footage to by 2:30pm for assessment.

Wednesday (the week of baiting – 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month)

Bait collection from the Innisfail nursery and Tully to be advised.

Collect bananas for pre-feeding for the next baiting round (At least 3 days pre-feed is required – the longer the pre-feed time the better outcomes).