Grants & Links - Dec 23

Grants & Links – Dec 23

Market Overview Tool

Check out the Harvest to Home webpage for a handy visual market overview.

NFF’s Keep Farmers Farming campaign

The NFF have launched an Australia-wide public campaign to gain support from Government around key issues such as securing access to water, protecting farmland, giving farmers a fair go, filling jobs, and exports.

BMP grants

Round 3 of Best Management Practice (BMP) grants is scheduled in March/April 2024 with a focus on soil conservation and farm layout projects.

Round 1 was held earlier in 2023 and 13 growers were supported with 50:50 funding totally $248k towards $496k of projects.  This included:

  • 8 machines purchased
  •  7 earthworks projects
  •  2 fertigation systems

Round 2 of the Fund is nearly at completion. 

The BMP project is funded through the Queensland Government’s Queensland Reef Water Quality Program (QRWQP) and delivered to growers by ABGC’s BMP team. BMPIII includes a grant program to support growers, through financial incentives, to improve practice which reduce sediment and/or nutrient losses from their farms.  The Fund includes $1.32M to be allocated to growers between 2023 and 2026.

For further information contact Stephanie Ruiz on 0457 924 518.

BOM Climate Tool

BOM has a climate tool designed to help farmers make informed decisions now to build climate resilience for the future. Read more here or go to My Climate View and take a look for yourself.

BOM’s Youtube channel has a range of useful videos including the long-range forecast for summer 2023-24. Also, MetEye now has 7-day forecasts for rainfall, wind, temperature, storms, humidity, and more.

Rebates to improve digital connectivity for farmers

The On Farm Connectivity Program provides eligible Equipment Suppliers with up to $30,000 rebate for sales of digital farming technology to eligible Primary Producers to help improve their connectivity and productivity.