FNQ Growers' e-bulletin - 14 December, 2023

FNQ Growers’ e-bulletin – 14 December, 2023

Dear growers,

On behalf of us all here at the Australian Banana Growers’ Council, we hope you and yours stayed safe and well as (now former) Tropical Cyclone Jasper made landfall.

Working closely with the National Banana Extension Team, we understand there have been a few individual farms that have been hit hard, and our thoughts are with those growers as they continue to survey the damage. It is early days, however the reports we are receiving so far indicate that damage to the banana industry overall has been minimal. There is a huge element of luck in all things weather related, but this is also testament to preparations that were undertaken by growers in advance.

If you do have damage you need to report:

If you would like to speak to someone directly or need assistance with this:

The National Banana Extension Team, with support from ABGC, is continuing to establish the extent of impact from ex-TC Jasper. If you have not been contacted, but wish to speak to someone, you can also reach out via the details above as it is tricky to contact everyone immediately.

Other information: